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Mathews United Methodist Church On-line takes a great deal of pride in what we do as representatives of Jesus Christ and hope that the positive recognition this site receives will be counted as an honor to him. We thank those who have taken the time to evaluate this site for coding, design, and content; and we appreciate their positive comments and the awards they have given us.  All copyright for Awards won, and any membership graphics displayed on this site, belong to their respective organizations/awards programs.

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Beloved in Christ.

Thank you for visiting our web site. I have visited your church website and enjoyed my visit. We are happy to offer you our
God bless you all and your ministry.

In Christ.
Rev. Christopher Gammeddehewa


Jul 10, 2004

Top Dogz Award

Congratulations!  You have won the Top Dogz Web Designer's Award.
 Best Regards,

Jul 25, 2004

Hawaii City's Aloha Award


We have some great news concerning your recent submission for the Aloha Award.  All of us agreed that you truly do have a interesting web site with quality content and design.

The Aloha Award is not an easy award to win.  That is why this award is seen so infrequently.  Proudly display the Aloha Award to let others know that your Web site is informative, unique and has won this prestigious award.

Congratulations and Aloha,
Kealoha, Leilani, Bruce and Steve
Hawaii City - Web masters
WebsAwards Rating 8.5
Aloha and thank you to Kealoha, Leilani, Bruce, & Steve of Hawaii City.  We very much appreciate this wonderful website award.
Jul 25, 2004

The American Indian Health Council Bronze Award

Your scoring went as follows:
17/20  points for Design
17/20  points for Layout
16/20  points for Graphics
34/40  points for Content
84/100 points = Bronze Award
Please accept our heartiest congratulations!
American Indian Health Council staff
The American Indian Health Council Bronze Award.  Thanks for this terrific award.  Just a single point away from reaching the SILVER level!
Jul 25, 2004

The AlbertaRose Website Award

Hello Dale,

Beautifully done!   Thank you for the honor and privilege of visiting and reviewing your website. I enjoyed my visit.

God bless,

aka AlbertaRose

It is a wonderful surprise to receive the 2004 Alberta Rose Award from your awards program Debbie!  Thank you so much for dropping by and bestowing your beautiful award to our humble church website.  Again, thanks from all of us at Mathews UMC.
Aug 4, 2004

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Immanuel Ministries Awards


Thank you for applying for awards from Immanuel Ministries. May the Lord bless you and your ministry unto His glory!

Brenda Sanchez
Immanuel Ministries
August 10, 2004
  The Edification Awad from Immanuel Ministries.   The Beautiful Site Award from Immanuel Ministries.   The Excellence In Fishing Award from Immanuel Ministries.

ChurchSeek Gold Award


Your 'Gold' Church Website Award is attached to this email.  Again, Congratulations and Thank You!

The ChurchSeek.net 'Gold' Award Team


ChurchSeek.net's 'GOLD' Award.  Mathews United Methodist Church is proud that Church Seek has presented our church website with their GOLD award!
Jun 26, 2004

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The AEGIS Award

Dear Dale:

Congratulations! You have won the coveted Aegis Award for an Interesting Website!

Once again, congratulations, and thanks!

Mary Powell,
Awards Person

Awards Program Is Now Retired

We at Mathews UMC appreciate this beautiful award from the AEGIS awards program.  Thanks once again Mary for this award!
Aug 21, 2004

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