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Mathews United Methodist Church On-line takes a great deal of pride in what we do as representatives of Jesus Christ and hope that the positive recognition this site receives will be counted as an honor to him. We thank those who have taken the time to evaluate this site for coding, design, and content; and we appreciate their positive comments and the awards they have given us.  All copyright for Awards won, and any membership graphics displayed on this site, belong to their respective organizations/awards programs.

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Golden Web Award

Mathews United Methodist Church has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2004-2005 Golden Web Award.

Mathews United Methodist Church is the receipient of the 2004-2005 Golden Web Awards by IAWMD.
Jun 16, 2004

Ice-Man's Best of The Web Award


Your site review has been completed. Congratulations! 

Sites are judged based upon overall appearance, speed, navigation, use of technology and quality of content.  We also take into consideration the amount of time and effort that goes into developing a web site and like to award your efforts. We found your site to offer our Internet Community a great service. 

Again, Congratulations. 

Warmest Regards,

Midwest Gems Corporation Review Team

Awards Program Is Now Retired

Thanks so much "Iceman" for this wonderful award.
Jun 16, 2004

Pappy's Place Award


Thank you for visiting us at G-ma & Pappy's Place and for applying for one of our awards.  You will find your award for you site attached to this email.   Sure hope you will visit us again because we try to keep adding new stuff to the site to keep people coming back.

Thank you.

Jim (Pappy)

Oh, just one more thing.  Your desk is a mess!

Awards Program Is Now Retired

Thanks Pappy for this terrific website award.  All of us on the web ministry team thank you so very much.
Jun 16, 2004

Dama DaNoite Awards


We are so glad that you stopped in and applied for awards  We have just been to your outstanding fantastic site and truly agreed you deserve the awards.  Once again congratulations on a well deserved award keep up the great work my friend.

Be Welcome to the site Fragments,
Aug 18, 2004

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Places of the Spirit Award

Dear Dale -

Thank you for requesting Places of the Spirit from Graphical Dreams.  I have reviewed your site and am pleased to say that it scored 48 out of 50!  Congratulations!

I really found few problems with the site. I love the colors! Very different and yet enjoyable. 

Again, congratulations!


Mary Hickey
Graphical Dreams
Places of the Spirit award.  Thank you Mary, of Graphical Dreams for this fabulous website award!
Jun 19, 2004

Gold Medal Web Award of Excellence

Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space 2000.com. You have won the "Gold Medal Web Award of Excellence" for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content. Keep up the good work.

Art Space 2000.com


The web ministry team at Mathews UMC wishes to thank the Art Space 200 team for this wonderful website award.
Jun 21, 2004


2004 Gold Crown Award

My review of your site made it easy for me to award the GOLD CROWN.  You have obviously put a lot of thought and work into the design and in maintaining your pages.

Congratulations... from

Senior Constable Roland Haley (retired)
Ontario Provincial Police


Special thanks to retired Senior Constable Roland Haley presenting his 2004 Gold Crown award to Mathews United Methodist Church.
Jun 26, 2004

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2004-05 Design Firms Award

Dear Dale Moseley,

We know how much work and dedication that has went into this great web site that you have built and we are pleased to inform you that we have found your site to be among the best on the Internet and hereby award you with the DesignFirms.org Web Design Award!


 26 points = Creativity  & Design
 28 points = Programming & Compatibility
 29 points = Ease of use & Effectiveness

Your web site received a score of: 83 out of a possible 99 points.  Once again, we would like to thank you for helping to support the Design Directory. Congratulations on such a great achievement! We wish you the best and hope to have you apply again next year!

Thank you Kindly,

The Team
Awards For Internet Creativity

We would like to thank Design Firms for presenting our church with this fantastic website award for excellence in web design!

Jun 28, 2004

2004 Neovizion Silver Award

Thank you for submitting for the Neovizion Award. We enjoyed viewing your website.  You have won the Silver Award.

Awards Program Is Now Retired


We would like to thank the fine folks over at Neovizion for this terrific award.  Thanks once again!

Jun 29, 2004

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