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Mathews United Methodist Church On-line takes a great deal of pride in what we do as representatives of Jesus Christ and hope that the positive recognition this site receives will be counted as an honor to him. We thank those who have taken the time to evaluate this site for coding, design, and content; and we appreciate their positive comments and the awards they have given us.  

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BV.Lindenheuvel ** (upgraded award) - RETIRED

Hello Dale,

Congratulations your site has been awarded the BV.Lindenheuvel "Gold" Award, rated AS!5.0 and WTA.
You have spend a lot of time developing your site, I like the design and the balance in the colors you have used. Your site is a wonderful contribution to the www, a valuable resource with a lot information. I enjoy my visits and thank you for allowing me to evaluate your site.
Well Done!!

Take care and have a nice day,

Friendly regards,

Huub Crapels
The Netherlands

BV.Lindenheuvel Award Program
Currently rated:
AS 5.0!
World's Top Awards
WA Level 4
EAI Level 5
OAI Level 5
PAI Level 5
Awardia 3
IWARA 4+ Elite
APEX Member

Upgraded Award
Apr 3, 2005


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Jetzone Award ** - RETIRED

Hello Dale,

Recently you visited and applied for one of the Jetzone Awards. The evaluation of your site has been completed and it gives me great pleasure to announce that you have won the Jetzone 1 Star Award (ID: M040) for the Mathews United Methodist Church On-line website.

The combination of design and interesting content and information makes your website a real contribution to the internet community You will find your personalized award graphic attached to this email. Thank you for your interest in the Jetzone Award Program.

Keep up the good work and make the net a better place ;-)

Kind regards,

Andries van Straten
Webmaster Jetzone 2000 Jetzone Award Program
AS! 5.0 - WTA
This Awards Program Is Now Retired
Apr 10, 2005


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Vie's Inn of Wonders ** (upgraded award)


After thoroughly reviewing your site, we, the Staff of Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards, have decided to upgrade you to our Bronze Award.

We are absolutely thrilled to see the improvement you have done to your site.  After all a site that doesn’t improve is as a flower that doesn’t get watered, it becomes nothing but an empty shell with only a faint shadow of it’s former glory…

In a way Faith is also like that.  If we don’t nourish it and keep it watered and perhaps even correct it by times because of our experiences, it also becomes more and more an empty shell.  But it’s good to see you keep your flowers watered well… ;)

Keep up the good work and enjoy your award!

Best regards,

The Staff.

Apr 12, 2005

Tim's Spider Award **

Dear Dale Frederick Moseley,

After an extensive evaluation we would like to congratulate you with your high standards of web page design.  Well designed and we will gladly visit your site again.  That's why we award your site with Tim's Silver Spider Award,  and wish you continued success in all your endeavors!  Thank you for your interest in our Awards Program.

You are a Silver winner of the Tim's Spider Awards*** 2005!  Your personal Tim's Spider Graphic with ID : S006/05 is attached.

The "Spider Award graphic" is copyright material and property of Tim's Spider Awards. Your website has been granted permission to display the award graphic.  Please do not resize or alter the award graphic.

It is not necessary to link back. But in case you do, use this URL :  We already put your link in our Winners list.

Thank you for your interest in our Awards Program and have a nice day.

Best regards,
Beylemans Tim                      zaterdag 16 april 2005  16:21

AFA Level 5 * UWSAG Level 5 * Awardia Corona * WebsAwards Level 4 * I.W.A.R.A. Level 4 * Award Sites Level 5.0 * Euro Award Index level 5 * Rated World's Top Awards * Palion Award Index Level 5 * Olymp Award Index Level 5.0 * Olymp Award Index Evaluator * AEC Global member * CEM/CEMA member * APEX member * TOTW

Homepage :      
E-mail   :

Apr 16, 2005


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Superb! Website 100 Award

Hi Dale,
Mathews United Methodist Church On-line

Congratulations! I am pleased to offer you the Superb! Website 100 Award! To qualify for this award, a site must have already won over 100 other awards, including one or more of the World's Top Awards, which is very difficult to achieve. Your site meets this criteria, and you have earned a Superb! Website 100 Award. Please wear it with pride for only the best websites will qualify for this award!

I have attached the award graphic to this email. If you do not receive it for any reason, please go to one of the following web pages to collect the graphic:


Your website has been listed as a winner in both of these pages. The first page is a list of the latest winners. Your site will remain listed in this page until another website qualifies for the Superb! 100 Award. The second page is a list of all the 100 Award winners. Your site will remain listed in this page indefinitely, but your listing will move down the page when new winners are added above it.

I used the description you sent with your application. Please check to ensure that I have entered it correctly. If you would like any changes, please let me know. I'm willing to make any changes you want.

You are also announced as the latest winner of the Superb! 100 Award in our What's New Here? page at the following location:


You are not required to link back to Website Awards to remain listed as a winner of the Superb! 100 Award. This award is to honour you and your website, not to promote mine! If you would like to link back, however, please use the following address:


Again, congratulations on winning the Superb! Website 100 Award. You have created an outstanding website, one that is widely recognized for its excellence, and the Internet is a better place because of your talent and efforts!

Maggi Norris, Webmaster
Website Awards, home of the free Awards Worksheet and Superb! Awards
Articles About Awards, written by
the leading authorities in this field!
Apr 26, 2005
AS! Rated 5.0+


World Wide Web Awards (upgraded award)


As one of Worlds peak internet bodies, the Awards of The World Wide Web Awards™ are amongst the most prestigious available and hence, amongst some of the more difficult to win on the web.  Congratulations!  Your site at: Mathews United Methodist Church On-line has been selected to receive the World Wide Web Awards™ "Gold" Award. 

A Listing and link of your site has been placed on our winners list.  We see all the hard work and dedication that you have put into constructing your web site and your efforts are well deserved.  Your site displays:  A clean and organized design, user friendliness, quality content and informative information for your visitors.

You may find your listing on our winners list for 2006.  Please visit our website at: and select the award title and month from our drop down menu, to view your listing.


Awards Committee - Donna Snyder - CEO World Wide Web Awards -
American Association Of Webmasters -
AS! 5.0 Elite Award ~ Member of The Better Business Bureau ~ Member World's Top AP's
Listed In Webmasters Guide To Glory
June 18, 2006


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