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The Service Times of Worship and Other Opportunities at Mathews United Methodist Church ...

A photograph of a rose.A rose is so much more than a flower.  It is the plant, the stem, the roots, the soil.  So it is with worship.  Worship expands beyond the boundaries of the walls of the Church.  At church we worship primarily through song and liturgy, the sacraments of baptism and communion.  We worship through the offering.  But church is like the flower of the rose.  At home we worship with the love we show our families, the gentle kiss we give our children after we pray with them at bed time.  We worship at work, giving glory to God through our integrity and our honest efforts for our business.  At play we worship, giving glory to the creator as we pause to view the glory of new life at spring or the blaze of fall colors in October.  There is no place worship is not welcomed or needed.  The art of life, is to enter into worship, everywhere.

Communion, which in the past, has been offered just on the first Sunday of each month.  Now, the sacrament of Holy Communion is being offered on the first Sunday of even months (February, June, August, October, and December**) during the Morning Worship Service; as well as at other "special" times during the church year. Are you Hungry?  Are you Thirsty?



9:30 AM    Blood Pressure Screening - The first Sunday of every month
9:30 AM    Altar Prayer
10:00 AM    Sunday School - bring a friend
11:00 AM    Sunday Morning Worship (Traditional Worship Service)


7:00 PM    Wednesday Nite Prayer Meeting
8:00 PM    Choir Practice
Mathews United Methodist Church Indentification Strip


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