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The Sunday School Ministry at Mathews United Methodist Church ...

Recognizing that we are all on a spiritual journey, we believe that Christian education is important for persons of all ages. In response to that belief, we have established Sunday School classes that covers all ages from the smallest infant to the eldest senior adult. The following classes are currently available at Mathews United Methodist Church ... 



Jean Watts, Nursery School Teacher.Not really a “class”, the nursery is an excellent place for those under the age of two to spend time in a nurturing, spiritual environment while the rest of the family is in Sunday school and/or worship. Our Sunday school nursery worker is JEAN WATTS. The nursery can be found in Room 106.

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Ages 2 -5

Nancy Fleming, Sunday School Teacher for Ages 2 - 5.We recently combined our two & three year old class with the fours & fives under the leadership of NANCY FLEMING.  This class meets in Room 104 and uses the age-level appropriate EXPLORING FAITH curriculum provided by Cokesbury.

Grades 1 & 2

Children who are currently attending the first or second grade are taught by LIBBY JOSEPH.  This class meets in Room 105 and also uses the EXPLORING FAITH curriculum.

Grades 3 - 5

Harriett Snelling, Sunday School Teacher for 3rd - 5th graders.HARRIETT SNELLING  teaches children who are currently attending the third, fourth or fifth grade. This class meets in Room 109 (the “Carol Hipp Room”) and also uses the EXPLORING FAITH curriculum.

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The Sunday School Youth Class led by David Joseph and Chip Snelling.

Young people, from the sixth grade through high school seniors, meet in room 110.  DAVID JOSEPH and CHIP SNELLING lead this exciting and energetic group.  They are currently studying the biblical book of "REVELATION."

The Chug Matthews Class

The Chug Matthews Class.

A class for middle-age adults, the Chug Matthews Class is named for Mr. C. H. “Chug” Matthews. The class president is RALPH THOMAS and JAN HERRING is the teacher.  THE ADULT BIBLE STUDIES, published by Cokesbury and based on the International Lesson Series, is the curriculum used.  

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Willing Workers Class

The Willing Workers Sunday School class at Mathews United Methodist Church.  Photo Image (c) 2004-2006.  All Rights Reserved.  Mathews United Methodist Church.

A class of senior adults, the Willing Workers Class meets in the Chapel.  They also use THE ADULT BIBLE STUDIES curriculum.  RAY SNELLING is the teacher.  True to their name, this class is our largest and most active group within Mathews United Methodist Church.

Special Needs Class

Though this class, which meets in room 107 is currently inactive; is designed for those persons of any age who have a learning or development special need.


Rooms numbered in the 100’s are downstairs; rooms numbered in the 200’s are upstairs. The Chapel and Sanctuary are upstairs. The Social Hall is downstairs.
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