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Welcome to the place where you will find out about all the wonderful things happening at Mathews United Methodist Church!  Some of the announcements listed below have hyper-links associated with that announcement, where you may get additional information about the event, or Ministry area connected to that announcement.


Have you contributed to this fund yet?  We are asking each member to contribute $12 a year ($1 a month) to the Benevolence Meal Fund. Use the regular gold envelopes and mark it “Benevolence Meals.”  Thank you in advance for your participation and patience as we make this much-needed change.

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Ann Landis, RN, BSN, Healthcare Ministries Coordinator & Congregational Nurse.
Monthly Blood Pressure Screening
 1ST Sunday of every month - 9:30 am

Ann Landis, RN, BSN, MSN, Mathews UMC Healthcare Ministries Coordinator & Congregational Nurse will be here at Mathews UMC to provide Blood Pressure screening for all interested members.

If you haven't had your Blood Pressure check lately, then NOW is the time.  It is easy, painless, and quick!  Ann will be providing this service on the FIRST (1st) Sunday of every month during Sunday School hours --- beginning at 9:30 am.  Come on by and have your checked.  Is it 120/80?  Mine wasn't -- but now I know what to do about it, thanks to Ann and the wonderful ministry she provides to all of us at Mathews United Methodist Church.

For additional details about the monthly Blood Pressure Screening, please email Ann at  You may also contact the church office at (864) 227-2963 to get more information.

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"Welcoming" Training

Mathews United Methodist Church will be having a very special "Welcoming" training program for all new (and prospective) Ushers, Greeters, Communion Assistants, and "Welcoming Partners" on Sunday.  This will be a short one-hour training program.

If you are someone who is serving, has served, or would like to begin serving in this worship stewardship, please let CHIP SNELLING, Ralph Thomas, Rev. BILL HARRIS know of your desire.

Rev. Bill Harris is also looking for several folks who would like to help out as "Communion Assistants," when we have Holy Communion (Lord's Supper) service.  If you feel that you are led to serve in this worship area, please feel free to email the pastor, or call the church office at (864) 227-2963.

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