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When your WebSteward transferred his membership  to Mathews United Methodist Church, he took his vows of committing his time, talent, tithes, and service to heart.

Dale Moseley, Ph.D., was asked to provide a special ministry for the Internet Community and the World Wide Web.  This website is that ministry.  This ministry serves a three-fold purpose. 

  • To provide timely and valuable information that is of concern to those of the Mathews United Methodist Church family.

  • To provide an open invitation to those seeking a church home to come and experience all that Mathews United Methodist Church of Greenwood, South Carolina, has to offer.

  • To provide a special Spiritual Growth/Outreach Ministry to those who are "unchurched," be it in Greenwood, South Carolina, or elsewhere.

Dale Moseley, WebSteward (Site Administrator and Webmaster) for Mathews United Methodist Church of Greenwood, South Carolina, USA.  Photo Image (c) 2004-2005. Mathews United Methodist Church.  All Rights Reserved. Image size: 178 x 249.  Image description: White male, black hair with mustache.  Wearing tinted glasses, conservative blue suit with white shirt and red tie.Dale comes to us with an open heart and an open mind in regard to reaching these goals.  Professionally, Dale has been a netizen since the mid 1980’s when he worked at a local college instructing students in mathematics and computer science.  It wasn’t until the early 1990’s that Dale decided to enter the world of web design.  He and a friend toyed with the idea of developing a website for a local non-profit community organization.  A few years later, someone from the National Park Service requested that Dale re-design their website; which he did in late 1997.  From that point on, Dale has had his “hand in” over 1,000 web projects --- either as a consultant, project coordinator, team member; or developed the site personally.  He has received over 3,000 website awards from his work as a web developer (check out the ones THIS site has been blessed with thus far).

Personally, Dale finds much enjoyment during his “down time” from reading (especially Sherlock Holmes stories), Karate (he has earned a Black Belt), and watching old movies.  When not relaxing at home, Dale finds time to help as a volunteer Scout Leader with the Boy Scouting movement.

Dale also takes pride in having been an site evaluator for various website awards programs:  Dale, at one time, was an evaluator for the Lone Star Design Awards Program, an AS! rated 5.0 awards program and the Treasures of the Web Awards Program (an AS! rated 4.5 awards program).  Dale was also a site evaluator for the Nem5 Awards Program (AS! rated 5.0+), as well as the BV.Lindheuvel Awards Program (AS! Rated 5.0).  Dale was also a staff member of the Website Awards Worksheet.  Currently, he is a member of APEX, and holds membership in CEM/CEMA.

Dale has a special place in his heart for this particular web site, for not only is it a ministry to reach all people; but a way for all of us at Mathews United Methodist Church to be a closer family as Christians.

If you have information or suggestions that you feel would be beneficial to those in the Mathews UMC family; please feel free to contact Dale by email at

Also, if you notice any errors or other inaccuracies of informational content on this website, or are experiencing any difficulties with your viewing of this website, please contact Dale with your problems.  Dale promises to correct any errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies as soon as possible.
Certificate of completion by WebTech University for the completion of a class in FORMS.  WTU is a great place to learn new skill sets, or to "dust off and brush up" on those long-forgotten skill sets once learned years ago!  WTU teaches basic HTMLing skills and even has a course if you use the popular Paint Shop Pro graphics program! Image size: 230 x 205.  Green certificate issued by WebTech University for completion of a course in FORMS.
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Internet Associations & Membership

Dale is very proud to hold memberships with the following

Internet Web Development Organizations


The WebSteward (webmaster) is a member of the HTML Writers Guild

Membership Number:

Member, Web Design & Developers Association

Member, National Web Design Association

The WebSteward is a proud to hold REGULAR MEMBER status with the American Association of WEBMASTERS!  Thanks Donna!

Certified Web Professional.  Site Designer.

Certified Webmaster from Florida State University.

Ethics Pledge

Dale Moseley is proud to have held membership in APEX, and also held Associate Membership status in CEM/CEMA.  Dale was also a Certified Evaluator by the TOTW (Treasures of the Web) program. 

He is also a SOA Nominee and a UWSAG ASP Contributor.

"Treasures of The Web" Certified Evaluator Creed.  From the "Treasures of The Web" Certified Evaluators Program at TOTW. (c) TOTW.
I was officially accepted as an Associate Member of the CEM/CEMA organization on September 7, 2004 ... This is an OUTSTANDING organization with the highest Ethical and Moral standards in existance in the Awards Community today!  I am very honored that to be associated with such great company as these truly wonderful folks!
I have been honored by Treasures of The Web (TOTW) as meeting their requirements for being a Certified Evaluator.  Thank you Vicki Reese (aka Treasure) for this designation.  Given on 2 Jan 2005.


I am a "Seal of Approval" Nominee from the UWSAG (United Website Award Givers organization.  Please go visit Tony and the rest of the wonderful folks at UWSAG! Image size: 150 x 50. United Web Site Award Givers. Award Seekers Pick Program badge.
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Award Programs Evaluator

Dale Moseley, the WebSteward for Mathews UMC On-line, was a Website Awards Evaluator for the Nem5 Awards Program.

Dale also had the privilege of serving as a Staff Member for the Website Awards Program.

He was a Website Awards Evaluator for the Treasures of The Web Awards Program, where he was also the Pre-Screen Director (an Award Sites! 4.5 rated Awards Program, which has now since "retired.")

He was also a Website Awards Evaluator for the BV.Lindenheuvel Awards Program (BVLAP) (an Award Sites! 5.0 rated Awards Program, which has now since "retired."). 

He was also a Website Awards Evaluator for the Lone Star Site Design Awards Program (an Award Sites! 5.0 rated Awards Program, which has now since "retired."). 

I am a member of the Website Awards Staff. March 29, 2004.  Special thanks to Maggi Norris for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this important Internet Community program!  Get your F-R-E-E Awards Worksheet by clicking on the icon!!
I am currently a Website Award Pre-Screen Evaluation Judge for the Nem5 Awards Program, administered by Maggi Norris.  This Awards program is currently rated 5.0+ by Award Sites!


I was an evaluator for the Treasures of The Web Awards Program.  I was honored to be asked to be one of the 2004 SOTY Judges for this program.  I was also very proud to be the Pre-Screen Director for the TOTW AP. Thank you Vicki Reese (aka Treasure) for giving me this wonderful opportunity.  The TOTW AP is was rated 4.5 by Award Sites! before retiring on 23 Apr 2005.

I was selected to be the Director for the Pre-Screening process for the Treasures of The Web Awards Program.  Thank you Vicki (aka Treasure) for allowing me to play such an important role in this terrific Website Awards Program!  TOTW is was rated 4.5 by Award Sites! before retiring on 23 Apr 2005. The BV.Lindenheuvel Awards Program (BVLAP) Evaluator and Site Reader.  An Awards Sites! 5.0 Rated Awards Program. Thanks Huub. The Lone Star Site Design Awards Program has now "retired," with an AS! rating of 5.0 .  Special thanks must go to Helen Bruce for allowing me the honor of being an evaluator for her Awards Program.  You taught me much, Ms. Helen!
"BV.Lindenheuvel (BVLAP)", "Treasures of The Web (TOTW)", and "Lone Star Site Design" Award Programs Are All Now "Retired"

Credits & Special Thanks

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Nem5 - One of the finest websites on the internet today!The WebSteward must add a great big "thanks" to Maggi Norris, the Webmistress Elite for Nem5, considered by many to be one of the best Web Awards Programs in the Internet Awards Community today!  Her contributions to the overall development of this website; including advice and image enhancements, is much appreciated.  Other noted folks in the Internet Community I must also give thanks to are: Huub Crapels, Eva Lindqvist Fagerström, Luuk Francken, David Taylor and  especially Vicki Reese for their continued support and suggestions regarding this website.

For all these folks, we must say "Thank You" for all that you do in the name of Jesus Christ.

Mathews United Methodist Church Indentification Strip


If you find inaccuracies or incomplete information, don't find what you were looking for, or would simply like to say hello; e-mail any comments, corrections or updates to our WebSteward.  Your help is sincerely appreciated in making this web site a valuable tool for the members of the congregation, our visitors, and always a testimony to our Lord and Savior - Jesus Christ. The content of these pages is the sole responsibility of Mathews United Methodist Church. Thank you!

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions --- please do not hesitate to contact the WebSteward (webmaster) using the hyper-link to the left.  


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