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About Mathews United Methodist Church of Greenwood, South Carolina, USA

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Everything we do and everything we are at Mathews United Methodist Church is a celebration of the grace of God that we have discovered through Jesus the Christ.

We believe that God desires every person everywhere hear the good news of the saving grace of God through Jesus.  As the community of believers at Mathews UMC we seek to fill a our role in God’s plan to reach our community and the world for Christ.

We strive to use the spiritual disciplines taught in the Scriptures – the study of Holy Scripture, prayer and fasting, giving of our tithes and ourselves, and worshiping together as a Family of God on a regular basis – to grow individually and collectively into the image of God we find in the life and ministry of Jesus.  We have found that the earnest pursuit of these spiritual disciplines draws us closer to God and to each other.

We are taught through our study of the scriptures that we are to have an “incarnational” faith – allowing God to be present in and through us.  We understand that as we allow God to live through us, we will be growing in Christ-likeness by reaching out to minister to, accept, love and include the outcast, the marginalized, and the down-and-out of society, as well as each other.

The community of believers at Mathews United Methodist Church is in essence a family.  We know that it is vital for any family to spend quality time together, celebrating each other’s successes and supporting one another during the difficult times.  That “together time” can be found through the many worship and fellowship opportunities offered at Mathews UMC.  We invite you to stop by and “check us out” at your earliest convenience!  We welcome anyone of any description without prejudice – you should see some of us!  We might just be the community of believers for you at this time in your spiritual journey.

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