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Mathews United Methodist Church was organized in 1910.  In 1912, a one-room frame building was erected on Church Street in Greenwood, at the corner of Kirksey Drive, with Methodists and Baptists worshiping there together.  The church was known as the “Union Church” since both denominations were using Union Sunday School literature.  The Reverend W. L. Gault, the first Methodist pastor and the Reverend George W. Bussey, the first Baptist pastor, provided the initial spiritual leadership on alternating Sundays. In 1917, a brick structure replaced the frame building.

"The "Old" Union Church, which was the original home of Mathews United Methodist Church of Greenwood, South Carolina. Photograph (c) Mathews United Methodist Church.  Image size:  375 x 284.  Image description: Black & White photo of brick house.

On February 1, 1941, the Baptist congregation moved to a new building at the intersection of Kirksey Drive and South Main Street. At that time, they renamed themselves Callie Self Memorial Church. Our congregation remained in the Union building, but was renamed as Mathews Methodist Church.

Our first full-time pastor was the Reverend Lloyd D. Bolt.  During his pastorate, in 1941, Mr. James C. Self of Greenwood Mills, Inc provided the parsonage at 103 Kirksey Drive.  It was relocated to 508 Kirksey Drive in 1943 while Reverend A. M. Doggett was pastor.

By 1953, the Sunday School had grown and was meeting in two houses on Morgan Street.  Plans were formulated for a new building.  After several years of work and planning, the first services were held in the new building at 800 Wright Avenue on February 28, 1960.  The cornerstone was laid February 26, 1961.  The Sanctuary will seat 400 and the Chapel will seat 125.  A mortgage burning service was held on March 28, 1971; with Bishop Paul Hardin preaching.  In 1974, a brick marker was constructed in front of the building with our church name visible from both directions. In the year 2000, this sign was remodeled to provide more information to passersby.

In December 1999, a new 15-passenger van was purchased for church use.

Four of our former members serve as Pastors in the South Carolina Annual Conference:Go to the top of this page ...

  • The Reverend Roy Stockman, retired,

  • The Reverend Harvey O. Peurifoy, retired,

  • The Reverend Karen Radcliff, and

  • The Reverend Gayle Summey.

Our current membership is 200, with an average Sunday morning worship attendance of 56.

The Sanctuary at Mathews United Methodist Church of Greenwood, South Carolina, USA.  Photograph (c) 2004-2005. Mathews United Methodist Church. All Rights Reserved. Image size: 375 x 492.  Image description: Sterotypical white & brick church with steeple, surrounded by trees amist a blue sky.


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Rev. W. L. Gault   1910
Rev. J. B. Connelley 1911 – 1913
Rev. J. E. Steadman 1914 – 1915
Rev. C. L. Harris  1916 – 1919
Rev. W. H. Murray  1920 – 1922
Rev. H. E. Griffin  1923 – 1927
Rev. J. W. D. Bolin  1927 – 1928
Rev. E. E. Glenn  1929 – 1933
Rev. C. L. Harris  1934 – 1937
Rev. L. D. Bolt  1938 – 1942
Rev. A. M. Doggett 1943 – 1948
Rev. J. G. Forrester 1949 – 1952
Rev. J. T. Gregory 1953 – 1956
Rev. J. G. Stroud 1957 – 1961
Rev. Paul D. Petty  1962 – 1967
Rev. W. W. Culp, Jr.  1967 – 1971
Rev. J. G. Hipp 1971 – 1975
Rev. D. B. Spivey                           1975 – 1979
Rev. R. D. Vehorn                          1979 – 1983
Rev. J. H. Thomas 1983 – 1986
Rev. F. H. (Sonny) Gossett              1986 – 1987
Rev. J. G. Hipp 1987 – 1988  (interim)
Rev. Ernest W. Prewitt, Jr. 1988  (interim)
Rev. Lewis R. Sherard 1988 – 1995
Rev. Jerry Davis 1995 – 1997
Rev. Charles A. Phillips 1997  (interim)
Rev. Nellie C. Gray Cloninger 1997 – 2003
Rev. Steven M. King  2003 – 2006
Rev. Chris Lollis 2006 - 2008
Dr. J. William "Bill" Harris 2008 - Present
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